Brazil has no future. Leave while you can.

If you’ve read the article headline, you might be a civil servant with high salary, you have passed a nepotistic tender, or you might be accommodated, defeatist, politician or activist with benefits, you won the lottery, or you are just a deluded patriot.  If that is so, you might still agree that Brazil has no future by the end of the article.  A piece of advice: “Leave” is not for everyone. What you are about to read is not pessimism. It is realism. Not everyone is able to accept it.

Based on documents, Paulo Prado (1928) described the past five centuries since colonization in Brazil. Attention to details while you read.

“Three centuries ago had brought the country to the shameful situation…evil, however, gnawed deeper. The slaves were terrible corruption elements in the heart of families. They lived of all sorts of addiction…. This land unfolded with great outrage: usury, bookmaking, illicit gains were ordinary; illicit public relations beyond repair, because money could avoid punishment; rape and adultery: were currencies…Small nucleus, anyway, of debauchery, unruliness and disruptive life, developing in full moral and social anarchy the germs of demoralization and depravation of habits brought from the already decadent metropolis…This was the amorphous, turbulent society that inhabited the vast territory a hundred years after its discovery.”

What has changed in the past 500 years? A lot. For worse. We are leaders in nearly everything that is outrageous: violence, taxes, interest rate, internal debt, corruption, criminal politicians, social evils, hypocrisy, illiteracy, abundant poverty, demagogy, chaotic infra-structure, special jurisdiction, larceny, selfishness, proselytism, impunity, feeble health, fraudulent control, nepotism, patronage and inequity. And who is to blame? You, me, us. Brazilians that, just as others in the past 400 years, have nurtured, with their optimist vote, a white collar criminal class, based on a patriotism, more like bad love. Brazil has always been a stable.

The physicist Albert Einstein used to say: “heroism in charge, non-sense violence and all the despicable folly called patriotism: I hate all that deep in my heart.”  Yes, because the country also needs to love and respect the citizens, and not just the other way round, as Kennedy wanted. If Einstein, who was a genius, had lived in Brazil with PT, PMDB, PSDB, PSOL, PCdoB, PP and a Judiciary as depraved as ours, he would have created the Theory of General immorality.

Looking around because you are afraid of robbery and kidnapping, cashing money and hiding your wallet, five months of sweat and taxes, ministers who submit laws, parties that protect rapists, a president who frauds elections and police operation, lost bullets, biased press (that tries to convince you of fairness in exchange of public contracts and interests), alliances that steal from the population, kidnapping, criminal politicians, unconstitutional super salaries. Understand and believe: none of this is normal. Brazilians have just gotten used to it, just as a bird that used to be free, gets used to a cage. What you call patriotism is actually “love for slavery”. Perverse addiction to a culture that is proud of samba, soccer, roguery and feijoada instead of development, safety, honesty and well-being.

After all, what is life, other than search for survival and happiness? If your country does not offer any counterpart for your love, dedication, sweat and loyalty, why stay loyal? How many slowly die thanks to the incompetence of a corrupt State? Is that being patriot? What if another country offers you all you have always dreamed of, even as a non-native citizen: health, respect, education, safety, rights, peace, life quality and tranquility? How can we explain patriotism, that Einstein hated so much, with reason?

Life is ephemeral. How much is it worth wasting decades of blood, sweat, tears and optimism to a geographic place and cultural habits, when those (political culture and ethics) have just betrayed the most modest vital desires of its citizens since the 16th century? Can you answer: till when? Yes, I am with you. I also love Brazil. But, unfortunately our society in not fully prepared to change. In the meantime, we live in eternal concern, alert and revolt. We are ruining our health, for whom? Joaquim Nabuco used to say: “the true patriotism shall conciliate the homeland and humanity”. Where? Our wishes will not come true in time. They haven’t until today. Before that, do we need to survive with some dignity and respect from another State?

Remember what Diogo Mainardi said 15 years ago: “Future”?  What future? Brazil has no future. In fifteen years we will be in the same hole as we are now.” He was wrong: we are worse. If patriotism is the last shelter of the scoundrels, as Samuel Johnson said, listen to this advice: if nothing has changed in the past 500 years, leave while you can. Your greatest gift is your life. The homeland: just let the scoundrels finish destroying it.

Rodrigo Batalha é escritor e especialista em neurociência aplicada ao comportamento, controle do medo e alto desempenho – Dicas para mudanças pessoais e profissionais no Instagram e Youtube





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